Albatross 42.1

1. We have extended the HardTop, covering the entire tub
2. We have added another swim platform over the garage door
3. We have designed a new bow balcony with platform and a bathing ladder for accessing.
1. Control with a wheel from the inside
2. Choose your own settings.

Albatross 42

It enjoys its viewpoint to the maximum, springboard to crystalline waters with magnificent spaces for fishing, solárium and calm strolls in pair. Their ample corridors will allow you that and much more.
Their 3 cabins and 2 toilets, cause that this yacht widely has an extraordinary inner capacity surpassing to yachts of much greater length. Ample spaces will be of extreme importance in the quality of your daily life and in the comfort of your family.

Albatross 37

We have taken care of to the maximum its lines for a smooth navigation where it prioritized the security of the navigator and his companions. The deck allows pleasant strolls to the dusk or wonderful sun baths in the morning, because we have left it frees of obstacles also thinking about the security.
The existing space in the cabins seems to grow according to we are entering and discovering new cockpits. We took advantage of the spaces to insert articles that you wished to have by hand like lights, radio, communication with deck, drawers, etc. The finished ones in theca will make you feel like in home by their cozy and smoothness.

Orion 29


The outer distribution is the result of a thorough study of spaces and dimensions, always referring to achieve a modular, versatile boat with personality that distinguishes us from others. Large deck, safe side decks, large swim platform, bathtubes with various configurations to the choice of the shipbuilder.....

In the interiors, space and volume are the main objectives, looking for spaciousness with a warm, functional and  luminous decoration. Two levels of internal occupancy , integrating the lounge / kitchen and commanding on the upper deck with full visibility, leaving the lower level to 1 double cabin, 1 complete toilet and a bunk.